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The plot for you!

Explore the countryside near Mariánské lázně

3108 sqm

If you're interested in semi-secluded family living, you've come to the right place. 
Peace, quiet, greenery and everything you need within driving distance. 

Call or write to +420 603 425 961

Kotva 3

Jakub Frydrych, re agent
+420 603 425 961

"Be happy in the right place...
Take a look at the map between Plana and Stříbro and Tachov and discover this wonderful place surrounded by beautiful nature."


There are three plots of land and you can build a country-type house on each of them. The size of the plots according to the proposal pre-approved by the municipality is 883, 928 and 1135 sqm.

If you choose as the first one, you have an advantage.

However, you can of course also buy the whole set.


Title deed

Basic information

Engineered measurement

Download the information about the plots:


Division of land into three parcels


"The maximum height of a country-type building is 2 storeys with an attic. The keeping of livestock, as is usual in the countryside, is permitted, and there may be built also recreational buildings but the cottages."

Kotva 1

Unique location, unique opportunity, friendly price.
Call or text
+420 603 425 961

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