For Sale - U Botiče - Prague 4

Cozy 1-Br apartment with lodgia and a cellar

1-BR apartment in a house with two elevators is compact and cleverly designed for you to live comfortably. The usable area is 44 sqm including cellar and loggia.

In the bedroom there is access to the loggia - it could really make your mornings better. The queen-size bed will remain there as well as a "work area" and a built-in wardrobe.

The kitchenette fits well into the living room, it is nice and still modern looking, fully equipped with appliances that are included. You don´t have to invest a buck, because the state is perfect.

Thanks to the loggia, air conditioning can be installed in the apartment. In addition to the built-in wardrobe, a brick cellar will also help store things. It is clean and dry and safe of course.

Wheelchair-accessible house in perfect condition after revitalization and equipped with modern safety elements.


Key features of the apartment:

Access to the apartment is completely barrier-free.

Loggia facing southwest.

There is plenty of storage space in the apartment.

New plastic windows with electronically controlled window blinds.

The apartment practically does not have to be heated.

Compact bathroom with shower corner.

Complete built-in kitchenette, including all common appliances.

The apartment has a dry and safe brick cellar.

The house is in excellent condition after insulation and revitalization.

Common areas are protected by a camera system.

The location is surrounded by greenery and is easily accessible.


Floor-plan of the apartment with barrierless access, loggia, and a cellar.

The house was revitalized in 2014 and is maintained in perfect condition. Most apartments are in cooperative ownership, but this has been transferred to a personal one.

The owners are selling it due to moving from Prague to another city, the apartment is suitable for investment or as a start-up housing for a young couple, or for anyone who needs barrier-free or a wheel-chair access.

Maybe you will also appreciate the energy efficiency because it practically does not have to be heated thanks to the orientation of the apartment and the location within the house.

The house has a camera system, chip locks, two elevators, and, for example, a bike shed, which is adapted to store bicycles. The apartment includes a cellar.


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